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The Smart Way to Drive in Luxury
With the addition of the Lexus ES, IS, RX and NX to the KINTO One lineup, the ‘usership’ experience has just become even more luxurious
Posted Date: Dec 13, 2022

Manila, Philippines; December 2022 – Have you always wanted to drive home a Lexus without the burden of having to purchase one in full? Now you can with KINTO One,  a full-service vehicle lease package which gives those who dream of having a Lexus the chance to have one with a hassle-free, worry-free ‘usership’ experience.

KINTO One provides value-for-money with its all-inclusive, monthly payment packages which covers periodic maintenance, normal wear and tear parts replacement, annual comprehensive insurance, annual registration, and exclusive KINTO concierge service.

You may choose to “own” your dream Lexus for 36 months (3 years) or 48 months (4 years) with different mileage options and packages to suit your requirements starting as low as Php 70,964 a month.

Now, luxury meets convenience as Lexus joins the lineup of the vehicles that are available through the breakthrough KINTO One service. Customers can experience and enjoy the luxury of Lexus with the convenience of a full-service lease. The freedom to enjoy the Lexus brand has never been so convenient.

Here are the Lexus models available through KINTO One:

The Lexus ES midsize sedan (starting at Php 81,994/month) is a work of automotive art. The interior and exterior are showcases of detail and craftsmanship that set the bar for what a luxury sedan should be. It boasts of a human-centered cabin; a coupe-like silhouette;  advanced passive and active driver-safety technologies; and an innovative infotainment system.

The Lexus IS sport sedan (starting at Php 72,974/month) was born and bred at the Shimoyama Technical Center Test Track—where the toughest and most challenging roads in the world have been recreated. Every facet of its performance was developed on that extremely challenging on-road course, all for the sake of delivering an experience like no other to drivers around the world.

The Lexus NX luxury crossover (starting at Php 70,964/month) is a model that you will surely enjoy during extended drives. This noteworthy feature will be enjoyed by those who are looking for a dose of driving fun. Interior legroom room is impressive on the NX 300 as well. The distance between the NX’s front and rear seats is a class-leading 962mm.

Whether it is hassle-free personal transportation or the privilege of driving a new car every three or four years, KINTO One is the mobility service of the next generation.

Click here for more information on the Lexus lineup available under KINTO One.

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To learn more, visit the Lexus website at or visit our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram @lexusph and LexusPhilippines

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You may also download the MyLEXUS App available on both Android and iOS users to receive live updates and access other premium services.


About Lexus

Lexus launched in 1989 with a flagship sedan and a guest experience that helped define the premium automotive industry. In 1998, Lexus introduced the luxury crossover category with the launch of the Lexus RX. The luxury hybrid sales leader, Lexus delivered the world’s first luxury hybrid and has since sold over 1.9 million hybrid vehicles.

A global luxury automotive brand with an unwavering commitment to bold, uncompromising design, exceptional craftsmanship, and exhilarating performance, Lexus has developed its line-up to meet the needs of the next generation of global luxury guests and is currently available in over 90 countries worldwide.

Lexus associates/team members across the world are dedicated to crafting amazing experiences that are uniquely Lexus, and that excite and change the world.

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