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Toyota PH to expand KINTO leasing to Lexus, fleet customers
Posted Date: May 23, 2022

Published date: May 18, 2022

Around two years ago, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) officially launched its KINTO One leasing program. It's a subscription service that will allow customers to 'share' cars with other users without actually having to own a vehicle.

With it, cars like the Fortuner, Rush, Corolla Cross, Corolla Altis, and the Vios can be used by customers to go from point A to point B, as well as drive to work with a leased car for a certain amount of time. It's a full lease service package with no downpayment required and has a fixed monthly subscription that covers vehicle registration, annual comprehensive insurance, and regular periodic maintenance and preventive maintenance.

All well and good, but Toyota believes they can attract more customers to KINTO One by offering their luxury marque. That's right, TMP has announced that it plans to offer its car leasing program to Lexus vehicles. No exact details have been shared yet, but expect more details about what models (and terms) will be available.

Aside from planning to make Lexus available in their leasing program, Toyota is also looking to offer KINTO One to fleet customers. This will allow Toyota to work with companies that plan to have company cars without actually having to buy and own vehicles.

Last but not least, Toyota also announced that they have added the Camry and Alphard vehicles to KINTO One. The Camry starts at PHP 52,388 per month with the Light Package (15,000 km/year) while the Alphard begins at PHP 84,638 per month in the Light Package.

Curious to know more about the rates of KINTO One? Check out their website and see the many variants and terms they have for your preferred Toyota vehicle.

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