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Get ₱5,000 Gas Card Welcome Gift
For every successful KINTO One Individual subscription
Posted Date: Jan 05, 2024

Gear up for an exciting adventure with KINTO One Individual and fuel your journey with ₱5,000 gas card welcome gift!

Here's what you need to know:

  1. All customers with qualified releases will receive a Welcome Gift Gas Card worth ₱5,000.
  2. The gas card will be given to the customer during vehicle release at the authorized Toyota or Lexus dealership.
  3. Should a representative claim the gas card, a signed authorization letter to his representative accompanied by valid IDs of both must be presented.
  4. The gas cards may be used in gasoline stations to be determined by TFS. The customer must present the card to the gas station attendant before the transaction.
  5. TFS will not be obliged to replace the gas card if lost, stolen, or damaged after claiming it. It is transferable but not convertible to cash. It is not for sale.

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